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You want the best return on your technology, recovery space and not be concerned once it's gone. 

TSAR Services

Within our signature services we provide something we call  TOP a "touch once policy".  This means we limit the number of times an item is touched or moved to save more than just time.  This "TOP"  saves an enormous amount of capital by limiting labor, transportation, supplies,  listing fees, administrative and finance fees, and over all time.

We carefully consider many factors with your business type and after consulting with you develop the best possible strategy to implement an effective and productive asset recovery and electronics recycling strategy.

Tri-State Asset Recovery (TSAR) and Tri-State Electronics Recycling  (TSER) will soon have environmentally superior "NET Positive" Recycling Warehouses and reverse engineering training center warehouses in every major city.   These warehouses will be self sustaining by generating and using hydrogen as energy.   Oxygen and steam  are the by-products.   We provide training and employment to returning Veterans and provide a second chance to those most turn away.

Randy Castriota and Nick Jeffries have long and proud histories in Pittsburgh and understand the unique needs of local business, education, political, medical, and religious technology platforms within our very diverse and wonderful city.

We have over 85 years combined experience in recycling computers, metals, and technology.

More than ever, today's competitive environment requires constant upgrades and replacement of technology to give an edge and attract talent.  No matter the scale, we are prepared to assist in your migration, removal, sale and funds recovery.  Sell, donate, dump, recycle, salvage  are all terms we use to discard computers, cell phones servers and other technology.  

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